SOS Sommerferie:

For fifteen-year-old Dennis, nothing seems scarier than having to spend his entire summer vacation in an isolated cabin in the woods of Sweden. In order to avoid that horrific experience, Dennis needs to find a summer job so he has a reason to stay home, enabling him to invite the beautiful Michelle to the midsummer party. He only has three days, and finding – and keeping – a job proves to be incredibly hard for a sleep-deprived teenage boy!

Available now on Amazon Kindle through all regional Amazon webshops!

You can get it off,,,, and! It’s cheap too, only $9,99 in the USA, £6,99. and €8,99.

ONLY available for purchase outside Denmark. If you are Danish (or can simply read Danish) living outside Denmark, this is a wonderful way to get the book. If you’ve read it, please give me a review on your respective Amazon site.

Free excerpt/sample chapters

Three free sample chapters are available by downloading a .pdf-file by clicking here. Almost thirty full-length pages!

Also available as a Kindle .azw file, just rightclick and “save as” this link, unzip, and transfer to your Kindle.

How to order the print novel from outside Denmark:

There are only a few webshops that ship my novels internationally at this time, but the one below is the cheapest with postage (and have good book-prices too). Expect about 6-7 euro in postage. If you live outside the EU, forget about it as Danish postage costs will be more than the novel itself, sadly.

Click here to order SOS Sommerferie at William Dams Bookstore.

Click here to order Jylland tur/retur at William Dams Bookstore.

SOS Sommerferie at your local library!

If you live in Denmark, you can order SOS Sommerferie to your local library free of charge. Simply click this link! and hit the “Request book” button. You can also call/write your local library of course.

If you live outside Denmark, well ask for SOS Sommerferie at your library anyway, and if you get them to order it, please let me know! It’s cool to know about Danish novels abroad. ISBN nr is: 978-87-92503-17-6.

Trailer for SOS Sommerferie

See the trailer for SOS Sommerferie on Youtube by clicking here.