Excerpts and sample chapters:
Here you can find some appetizers for my novels, as well as excerpts from (as of yet) unpublished works.


Jylland tur/retur (Danish novel):
The hip 21-year-old Christina has put off the meeting with her religious and old-fashioned in-laws for over a year, but is now forced to spend Christmas Eve at their farmstead deep in the rugged desolation that is Western Jutland. Meeting the in-laws in the unfamiliar setting is one thing, but when she finds out her boyfriend’s old sweetheart, the voluptuous and perky Louise is scheduled to celebrate the holidays on the farm as well, Christina sets out to prove she can fit in and is prepared to fight for her man.
Jylland tur/retur


SOS Sommerferie (Danish novel):
For fifteen-year-old Dennis, nothing seems scarier than having to spend his entire summer vacation in an isolated cabin in the woods of Sweden. In order to avoid that horrific experience, Dennis needs to find a summer job so he has a reason to stay home, enabling him to invite the beautiful Michelle to the midsummer party. He only has three days, and finding – and keeping – a job proves to be incredibly hard for a sleep-deprived teenage boy!
SOS Sommerferie


Hulen (Danish novel):

I translated this novel into Danish from the original, “Heck: Where the Bad Kids Go” by Dale E. Basye.

Milton and Marlo are siblings even though no-one would suspect it. Milton is an honor student boyscout, and member of the chessclub. Marlo is a punk-gothic, shoplifting troublemaker. One day Milton gets involved in one of Marlo’s naughty tricks and all of a sudden they are in the same boat.

It is on that exact day fate comes knocking on their door. A horrific accident (involving a giant, burning marshmellow bear) puts a sudden end to their young lives, and both of them wind up in Hulen (Heck): Where the Bad Kids Go. It’s not quite hell, but it’s something almost nearly as bad – a place ruled by the wicked demoness Bea “Else” Bubb where the torment is made especially for children.

The two kids are soon fed up – but how does one escape when already done for?