Hulen (Heck: Where the Bad Kids Go):

Milton and Marlo are siblings even though no-one would suspect it. Milton is an honor student boyscout, and member of the chessclub. Marlo is a punk-gothic, shoplifting troublemaker. One day Milton gets involved in one of Marlo’s naughty tricks and all of a sudden they are in the same boat.

It is on that exact day fate comes knocking on their door. A horrific accident (involving a giant, burning marshmellow bear) puts a sudden end to their young lives, and both of them wind up in Hulen (Heck): Where the Bad Kids Go. It’s not quite hell, but it’s something almost nearly as bad – a place ruled by the wicked demoness Bea “Else” Bubb where the torment is made especially for children.

The two kids are soon fed up – but how does one escape when already done for?

What is my involvement with Hulen/Heck?

I was fortunate enough to be the translator for this really funny novel, my first experience in that particular field of writing. “Danifying” the author, Dale Basye’s, anecdotes, puns and double entendres was a challenging endeavor, but the end result has turned out really well. Two large Danish newspapers have given “Hulen” good reviews, and the libraries have really taken a liking to it as well, both through their own reviewer and reader feedback.

Hulen at your local library!

If you live in Denmark, you can order Hulen to your local library free of charge. Simply click this link! and hit the “Request book” button. You can also call/write your local library of course.

If you live outside Denmark, well ask for Hulen at your library anyway, and if you get them to order it, please let me know! It’s cool to know about Danish novels abroad. ISBN number is: 978-87-71281-06-4.