’Who are you, and why should we know you?’

‘I’m an independent author and IT-consultant, which some people might consider a strange mix. I’m bouncing between the two professions quite nicely for the time being, however. Why should people know me? They really shouldn’t, because I’m much more interested in people knowing about my novels. So far I’ve had two books published and have been fortunate enough to receive plenty of great feedback for both. I know a lot of people have read them. My writing style has been compared with Dennis Jürgensen, which I am very proud of – yet I’m realistic enough to dismiss, because I couldn’t even fill his socks, let alone his shoes… yet, mind you! You have to be ambitious!’

’Your latest novel – what’s the lowdown? It’s about a fashionable city-girl who goes to the rural, dark Jutland. Why mix city and country, and why a female protagonist?’

’I’m actually born in Jutland, and have also lived near Copenhagen for several years, so I know both places quite well. I’m born in a town called Herning, and was greatly inspired by the lifestyle and surroundings my grandparents lived in, with regards to language, customs and more. Writing from a female perspective was a bit of a challenge, and a few of my good friends have also made sure to correct me along the way. At the end of the day, however, it wasn’t much different than writing from a male perspective. I’ve written a novel earlier in English that had a female protagonist so had some experience already. The deal with this new novel was wrapping my head around certain bits of prejudice to get into the mindset of the main character, Christina. Once I got there, the writing went very smoothly, and I’ve received some tremendous feedback from the female readers saying that my trek with wrioting for the fairer sex was a big success. Some have complained about some of the mentality my protagonist shows, but I’m quite satisfied that most people found her believable as a woman both in thoughts and actions.

‘There are a lot of embarrassing situations in the novel – as well as in your previous book. Are these based on personal experiences?’

’Thankfully not! Though a lot of the characters and places are from my own life. The situations are made up I most cases, but every once in a while a true story I’ve experienced myself – or heard about from friends and family – slips into the novels.’

’Your last novel was about a fifteen-year-old boy in a sleepy town on Zealand. This new one seems like a bit of a jump in genres?’

’I don’t write in any one particular genre of fiction, and that’s a very deliberate choice. I always write what I want to, because I think that will produce the best books. Most people work best while doing something they feel passionate about, and it’s no different for an author. I’ve attempted to move through several different genres depending on my mood, as well as to test the waters for my abilities, so to speak. Like any other job, one keeps honing one’s skills, and having experience in different genres only bolsters my writing skills – or so I believe. There are a few genres that have been more difficult to write than others, I have to admit, but I’ve never thrown in the towel. Aside from my two published novels I have several other books on hand, written in English. There is everything from classic fantasy, a novel about bullying, and all the way to a hardcore thriller. I have a huge idea-spreadsheet which I keep adding to. When I finish a novel, I grab the next project I want to delve into from that sheet.’

‘Can I buy the English novels anywhere?’

‘Not yet, no. The hunt for an international distributor has slowly started though, after several years where the novels have been in various stages of editing and polishing on my hard drive.’


’The main reason is that I am very perfectionistic about some of these novels. They are very person to me, which is why they’ve been edited innumerable times. Some of them are so well-polished now, however, that they are allowed to see the light of day. We’ll see what the future brings, and if I can find a publisher to make these novels – which I feel is my very best work – come alive. Until then I’d like to refer to some excerpts that anyone can read, available at my website www.sorenkristensen.com.’

‘Sounds good! What’s the next project that might see publication then?’

‘I’m currently finishing up a fantasy novel which aims to distance itself from some of the clichés that have flourished in that genre recently. Admitted, my novel has excitement, heroics, intrigue, and magic, but it’s by no means a children’s book and doesn’t pull its punches when it helps the storytelling. Fantasy is the genre I read most myself, so writing one in Danish was almost just a matter of time for me. I’ve twisted the status-quo though, because I felt that there were already plenty of wizard-apprentices, young knights and firebreathing dragons on the bookshelves. This is a story about a group of aging heroes in my own fantasy-world, who reunite after several years to save the kingdom from a new and devious threat. Alongside the young prince, they head into adventure. It’s a novel that can be tough and with plenty of dark humor, but still containing all the elements a fantasy-reader wants, like magic, love, conspiracies, and fantastic feats of daring and achievement. The humor is primarily found in the interactions and conflicts between the aging adventurers and the young prince, and the fact that the world has changed a lot for the older adventurers while they were resting on their laurels.