My Danish debut novel, SOS Sommerferie, has been released as an audiobook. It costs roughly 50-60 Danish Kroner ($9, €7) depending on the shop, and there is a price comparison to be found from this link.

It’s always nice to see one’s works be published in new formats, and the release of the audiobook allows new people the oppurtunity to get acquainted with my style. The experience of hearing one’s own words read by another is also quite fascinating – particularly when it is SOS Sommerferie, whose opening passages detailing the finely-tuned art of rolling boogers has both its supporters and detractors. ;)

I’m aware that most of you reading this don’t have Danish as your primary language, but I thought I’d share the news regardless. More information about SOS Sommerferie can be found by clicking the image below. Who knows, maybe an English translation might one day be a reality? :-)